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  In Korea, 96% of medication people have experience needle-stick injury  
Remove needle from dental syringe  
  1. It senses a movement automatically when you put the needle into the inlet.
2. Remove the needle from dental Anesthetic Syringe
3. Capacity of needle collection bin : 1 liter.
4. Use the stand is stable
5. Specification
   - Size : 130 x 130 x 156
   - Power: 100~240V/50~6Hz
   - Processing time : 2sec
   - Capacity : 1 liter
  The safest work environment establishment
  Prevention of workers' injuries by needle

Consumable List
Stand Waste Bin
stand waste bin

YLC-1002 and YLC-1004S differents

The general syringe is pull and push type,
However the blood collection needle and dental needle is needle rotate connection type.

So, you have to need select the type

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